Data Structure : Circular Linked List


Introduction to Circular linked list

A circular linked list is basically a linear linked list that may be singly or doubly. The only difference is that there is no any NULL value terminating the list. In fact in the list every node points to the next node and last node points to the first node, thus forming a circle. Since it forms a circle with no end to stop hence it is called as circular linked list.

In circular linked list there can be no starting or ending node, whole node can be traversed from any node. In order to traverse the circular linked list only once we need to traverse entire list until the starting node is not traversed again.
A circular linked list can be implemented using both singly linked list and doubly linked list. Here is the logical structure of a circular linked list.

Basic structure of Circular linked list

Singly circular linked list
Singly circular linked list

Doubly circular linked list
Doubly circular linked list

Advantages of a Circular linked list

Disadvantages of Circular linked list

Applications/Uses of Circular linked list in real life

Basic operations on Circular linked list

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