C program to remove last occurrence of a word in string

Write a C program to remove from last occurrence of a word in given string using loop. How to remove the last occurrence of any word in given string using loop in C programming. Removing last occurrence of a given word in a string using loop in C program.

Input string: I am a programmer. I love CodeforWin
Input word to remove: I
Output: I am a programmer. love CodeforWin

Required knowledge

Basic C programming, Loop, String

Before moving on to this program you must be done with two programs - C program to remove last occurrence of a character and C program to find last occurrence of word in given string. As logic of this program is based on these two programs.

Program to remove last occurrence of word

 * C program to remove last occurrence of a word in given string

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#define MAX_SIZE 100 //Maximum size of string

int main()
    char string[MAX_SIZE];
    char word[MAX_SIZE];
    int i, j, found, index;
    int stringLen, wordLen;

     * Reads string and word from user
    printf("Enter any string: ");
    printf("Enter any word to search: ");

    stringLen = strlen(string); //Finds length of string
    wordLen = strlen(word); //Finds length of word

     * Runs a loop from starting index of string to
     * length of string - word length
    index = -1;
    for(i=0; i<stringLen - wordLen; i++)
        //Matches the word at current position
        found = 1;
        for(j=0; j<wordLen; j++)
            //If word is not matched
            if(string[i+j] != word[j])
                found = 0;

        //If word have been found then store the current found index
        if(found == 1)
            index = i;

    //If word not found
    if(index == -1)
        printf("'%s' not found.\n");
         * Shifts all characters from right to left
        for(i=index; i<stringLen - wordLen; i++)
            string[i] = string[i + wordLen];
        //Makes last character null.
        string[i] = '\0';

        printf("String after removing last '%s': %s\n", word, string);

    return 0;

Enter any string: I love programming. I love CodeforWin.
Enter any word to search: I
String after removing last 'I': I love programming. love CodeforWin.

Happy coding ;)

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